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Friday 22 September 2023
  • Mon 25 Sept – Golf - ISGT Shrewsbury Invitational
  • Tues 26 Sept 8.00 – Junior School Parent Workshop – EAL in Junior School (JS Parents of EAL supported students) 
  • Tues 26 Sept 8.00-9.30 – Coffee Morning -  Friends of Wellington – Senior School Café and Atrium 

  • Tues 26 Sept – Basketball at St. Andrews 107 - U13 Boys & Girls and U18 Boys
  • Weds 27 Sept 8.00 – Senior School Parent Workshop Social Media and IT Safety 

  • Weds 27 Sept 16.00 – Senior School Year 10 Parent Workshop - Options and Careers - Key Events for Year 10 

  • Weds 27 Sept – Basketball vs Amnuay Silpa at Wellington U15 Boys & Girls  
  • Fri 29 Sept 8.00-9.30 – Coffee Morning – Friends of Wellington – Junior School Lobby 

  • Fri 29 Sept – Busking Friday – Junior School 

  • Tues 3 Oct 8.00 – Junior School Parent Workshop - Speak Out Stay Safe 

  • Weds 4 Oct 8.00 – Year 7 and Year 8 Parent Workshop – The Pathways Programme 

  • Weds 4 Oct 9.00 – Friends of Wellington Special Seminar – Finding Digital Balance: Unleashing the Power of Digital Wellbeing in a Hyperconnected World (See details below!) 

  • Thurs 5 Oct – Year 11 DofE Practice 

  • Tues 10 Oct 8.00 – Junior School Parent Workshop – Mandarin Curriculum in Junior School (JS Parents – Nursery – Year 6) 

  • Weds 11 Oct 16.00 – Senior School Parent Workshop – Reporting in Senior School 

  • Thurs 12 Oct – Welly Walk – Fundraiser (See details below) 

  • Thurs 12 Oct – Year 7 Parent-Teacher Conferences 

  • Fri 13 Oct – Public Holiday – School Closed 

  • Mon 16 Oct-Fri 20 Oct – Junior School Poetry Week 

  • Tues 17 Oct 8.00 – Junior School Parent Workshop – Developing a Passion in Reading 

  • Tues 17 Oct 8.15 – Senior School House Open Morning – Anglesey and Talbot Parents 

  • Weds 18 Oct – Year 9 Parents and Student Workshop – IGCSE Launch 

  • Fri 20 Oct – Busking Friday – Junior School 

  • Mon 23-Fri 27 Oct – Half Term Holiday  

  • Sat 4 Nov – Sixth Form Scholarship Day 

  • Sun 5 Nov – Fun Run (organized by Friends of Wellington) 

  • Thurs 2 Nov – Year 7 Parents’ Social

  • Weds 8 Nov – DofE Bronze Ceremony 

  • Sat 18 Nov – Festival of Education hosted at Wellington 

  • Sat 9 Dec – Christmas Fayre

Dear Parents 


I enjoyed delivering an assembly last week on Respect (one of our Values, as you know).  I found it quite difficult to prepare, because, as I discovered, I had never really understood the word! 


Respect means (at least) three different things:
  • Admiring someone/something because they are excellent.
  • Giving proper regard to other people (and animals), and their ways of thinking and behaving (even if we don’t admire or agree with them).
  • ‘Healthy respect’ means correct levels of fear (eg you show ‘healthy respect’ to a crocodile, to avoid getting killed by it!). 
I talked about Japanese football fans tidying the stadium after a game: that’s a great example of respect. The action itself (whatever they may be feeling) is everything. 
In the end, respect is behaviour – what we do, even more than what we feel. Behaviour that makes society work. Showing respect makes life better. I’m very pleased to be in a country that values respectful behaviour so highly. 
One more note on traffic: at both buildings, there is a covered ‘drop-off’ right outside the front door. If you are dropping off there, please simply stop – drop – move on. If your child is slow at getting out, or unprepared, or there’s a lot of hugging to do, please park in a space instead, and walk them in. To keep everything moving, we have to respect the system! (Exceptions, of course, for broken legs, wheelchairs etc: the drop-off zone is the correct place, and the system will respect you!) 
 Have a wonderful weekend 

Early Years August 2024 Entry 


We are about to start processing all of our Early Years applications for August 2024. Pre-Nursery and Nursery are now full with waiting lists. Please can you get in touch with Admissions urgently if you are a current parent and you have not completed an application for a sibling. If you have completed your application form, you should have heard from us this week with next steps. Contact or
We can't say it often Wellington, we are passionate about fostering a love of books and reading! Our Junior School teachers always consider how to bring the children's interests and opinions into our classrooms.
We were honoured to host Study In Australia here at Wellington, yesterday evening. As we open our new Sixth Form in August 2024, we are ensuring that we provide an exceptional support structure for each of our students as they choose the right pathway for them.

Our Year 5 Almond students have had some great fun, cultivating their skills in persuasive writing this week. After planning their sales pitches, they took on the challenge of convincing others, via "cold calling", to eat an apple, learn how to skateboard, play tag during break time or take dance lessons.


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Our comprehensive programme of Parent Workshops across both Junior and Senior Schools continued yesterday with an extremely well attended session on the Junior School Swimming Curriculum. Wellington is building an amazing reputaion in the swimming world and all aspects of our programme are extremely popular.


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Our learning environments here at Wellington College Bangkok are second to none. Our lucky IGCSE PE students have access to two swimming pools, two sports fields and a full size athletics track as well as the gym, dance studio and our golf studio, complete with computer simulator for practicing optimum swing - even in full school uniform.


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Yesterday our Under 11 Boys and Girls Football teams travelled to Kings College for their first fixtures of the academic year. The teams showed such courage as many of them had only played in the teams for two practice sessions! They all made us proud with their sporting behaviour, their persistence and their energy.


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Our Year 11 students are in the second year of their IGCSE courses and looking forward to their exams next summer. Design Technology is one of our most popular elective subjects and every class is different as Head of DT, Mr Simon Hamilton works with students to ensure that they understand design practices and strategies and can relate them to real life working situations.


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So much happens in our Early Years classrooms. Every day sees a significant milestone for every child. We can't quite believe how quickly all these very young children have settled in this year. Our Nursery children looked so happy and engaged when we stopped by last week. They all just LOVE to learn.


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We are all looking forward to the Welly Walk on 12 October where our Junior School students will be walking to raise money  for the Banpubon School in Kanchanaburi. We hope that our steps and our sponsors’ generosity will help build this school a library so they, too, can love reading. We absolutely love the posters that our Years 3-6 Service Team are creating in Enrichment. Get in touch with Ms Tanisha McCraw if you’d like to know more.

Year 12 Sixth Form Scholarships 


We are delighted to share that we are offering a small number of Scholarships for Year 12 starters in August 2024. Please contact Admissions to find out more about this exceptional opportunity for current students at Wellington and any of your friends or family who are interested.

Parent Seminar

Ways to respond to your child’s feelings:  


It is normal for children to experience strong feelings and as parents we can help children learn to express, understand, and deal with their strong feelings. Some feelings include happiness, excitement, anger, jealousy, fear, and sadness.  


Here are some tips on how -

  • Name or label what you think your child is feeling to give them a word for emotion. For example, if you see your child frowning you can say, it looks like you are feeling sad. 
  • Accept your child’s feelings by saying, I understand you are angry.  
  • Helping your child identify their emotions will lead to better relationships with you as well as others. It can also help increase problem solving skills.  

When children have or feel strong emotions the following statements can allow your child to feel ashamed of their feelings. You may avoid saying,  

  • You have nothing to feel sad about.
  • You are not hurt.
  • Do not cry.
  • You are okay.
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