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Friday 26 January 2024
  • Mon 29 Jan – Year 3-6 Sports Day 

  • Tues 30 Jan – Year 1-2 Sports Day 

  • Tues 30 Jan 8.00 - JS Parent Workshop - Reception Phonics (Reception parents)
  • Tues 30 Jan - Friday 2 Feb – Art and DT Display in SS Atrium

  • Tues 30 Jan – Picton House Open Morning (Picton Parents invited) 

  • Weds 31 Jan – SS Robotics, Art and DT Display 

  • Weds 31 Jan – EYS Sports Day  

  • Fri 2 Feb 10.40 - Year 4 Assembly. 
  • Sat 3 Feb – Open Morning 

  • Sun 4 - Thurs 8 Feb - Year 11 DofE Silver Expedition in Chiang Rai

  • Tues 6 Feb 8.00 - JS Parent Workshop - Fostering Independence (PN to Year 2 parents)
  • Tues 6 - Fri 9 Feb - Senior School Residentials

  • Weds 7 Feb – Safer Internet Day 

  • Fri 9 Feb – Lunar New Year Celebrations - JS

  • w/c 12 Feb – JS Open Classrooms (Details coming soon) 

  • Tues 13 Feb 8.00 - JS Parent Workshop - Setting Children up for Success in KS1 (Reception to Year 2 parents)
  • Wed 14 Feb Year 6 Transition to Senior School Workshop (parents invited - email to follow )

  • Thurs 15 Feb – Lunar New Year Celebrations - SS

  • Fri 16 Feb – JS Busking Friday 

  • Fri 16 Feb - Senior School House Sports Day (parents invited - email to follow)

  • 19-23 Feb – School Holiday 

  • Tues 27 Thurs 29 Feb - Senior School House Football (parents invited - email to follow)

  • Thurs 29 Feb – JS Art Auction (Details coming soon!) 
  • Fri 1 March - House Open Morning (Hill) (parents invited - email to follow)
  • w/c 4 March – Early Years PTCs this week 
  • Thurs 7 March – Junior School Book Week Dress Up Day – dress up as a favourite book character  
  • Weds 13 – Fri 15 March – Year 5 Residential to Ayutthaya 
  • Weds 20 – Fri 22 March – Year 4 Residential to Khao Yai 
  • 25-29 March – JS STEAM Week 
  • Fri 5 April – Last Day of Term
  • Tues 23 April First Day of Term 3 Thurs 23 May – KS2 Production – Dragon Days (Details coming soon!)
  • Thurs 20 June – Senior School Production – Little Shop of Horrors (Details coming soon!) 

Dear Parents 


This week, the Senior School celebrated Wai Kru day in a rather splendid event in the Theatre. There were many flowers and it was great fun. The theme of Wai Kru is respect for teachers. Everyone in that ceremony could see that respect – in the careful way the students had prepared, and how they behaved, and the joy they expressed. Whilst I was giving my little speech, I was thinking about the way ‘good’ breeds more ‘good’. When people behave well, we respond well to them – and we respect them for it.   


This is true across all our values. Kind people engender kindness in others. Responsible people quickly generate a culture of responsibility.   


It also works the other way, sadly, if we do not take care. The complaining person can breed a whiny culture that benefits no-one. Angry people – naturally, we lose respect for them, but also they pull others with them into a vicious community of mistrust and resentment. 


As always, to guard against the bad, we adults must model the good, even when we don’t feel like it. Our students, staff and parents are pretty good at this, and I am very grateful for that.


And back to Wai Kru: thank you to every one of our teachers. They do a very difficult job with great passion, determination, commitment and sacrifice. In school all day, but also at home in the evenings and at weekends: the job rarely stops, and teachers almost never do! That deserves the respect of all of us. 


This is one of the peak times of the year for staff recruitment, so my weekend will involve a lot of interviews (of some really outstanding candidates). I hope yours will be as inspiring – if, perhaps, a little more family-orientated!  

With best wishes 

Dear Parents
You probably will have already seen the message about the election of the FoW Committee. Yes, we have come to the end of the current term and therefore we would like to open up the process of election. So in this newsletter please allow me to provide you some of the key information about FoW and the election. I will answer some of the frequently asked questions:

Q: What is FoW and FoW Committee? 

A: FoW is everyone in the WCIB Community - parents, teachers, staff etc. You are automatically a member of FoW when you join WCIB. The FoW Committee is a group of volunteer parents who come together to work for the community focusing on organizing activities for community. There is no payment nor privilege for the FoW Committee except the joy we have when our activities are successful and we see the happiness of the students and our fellow FoW members. 


Q: What is the scope of work for FoW Committee? 

A: The work is mainly to manage and organize activities but another important element is to create a constructive environment and cordial relationship among the members. In some occasions when there is an issue of collective interest of the community, we can raise the issue with the school management in a friendly manner. We also manage  communications through various platforms such as the newsletter where the Chairman may write a message or through social media. When the occasion arises the Chairman speaks at events, representing the Committee.


Q: How long is term of the Committee? 

A: The term is 2 years but there are no limitations on the number of terms each Committee can serve. We choose 2 years in order to open the opportunities for other parents to join if they wish and we choose the nomination and election process so as to make sure it is open to everyone.


Q: Who can be nominated? And what is the process? 

A: You can nominate anyone you think suitable for the job regardless of whether you know that person personally. You can nominate yourself if you wish. Anyone can be nominated including the current Committee and any non-committee. When the nomination process is completed, a task force will approach each nominees to ask for their willingness to enter the election. If that person is being nominated more than one position then that person would need to choose just one position they wish to run for.


Q: Will there be any other positions apart from the 5 elected positions? 

A: Yes there will be. It is up to the Chairman to form the structure of the committee and invite other parents to join the committee. So there will still be the opportunity for anyone who wishes to be on a committee but doesn’t want to be in the elected position. There would also be a supporting team for parents that wish to be active but don’t want to take the official positions. There are no rules on the number of Committee Members but I would say it should not be too big or too small and it should be a diverse group. If you look at the current Committee Members, there are many nationalities, there are members from every year group, there are both dads and mums, and there are many occupations.


 Q: Is English compulsory?  

 A: We are international school so the main language we use is English as the Committee is from many nationalities. However, it doesn’t mean you have to be a native speaker. From my experience language is not a barrier and we manage to communicate. So don’t let the language hold you back !!


These are what I believe the are the main questions many people have. Please feel free to let me or any Committee Member know if you want any other information.  


Please nominate people you see fit. And don’t worry even though we are in the nomination and election process, the Committee is still working and planning activities. There is no dead air, please be sure about that! 


Please use the link HERE to apply.


Notachard Chintakanond (Noat) 

FoW Chair
Junior School Science – By Alice and Tonnam – Year 5 
This term, Year 5 have been taking care of chicken eggs as part of our Science lessons. Miss Upton was very grateful to be given some eggs from a Wellington parent’s farm, and we are hoping for the eggs to hatch in the next 2 weeks.

In our lessons, we have been learning about a chicken’s life cycle. We have learnt about how the embryo develops inside the egg, and we have ‘candled’ our eggs to see the veins inside the shell. 6 times a day, we check the temperature and humidity inside the incubator, and once a week we weigh the eggs to see if their weight is decreasing (which means they are growing!)


We’ll keep you updated when the chicks hatch!
Lunar New Year 

We are very excited about the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations organized and coordinated by our wonderful Mandarin Chinese department. Head of Mandarin, Ms Chunzi (Tina) Tian tells us - 


In Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes power, strength, and good fortune. We are eager to share the joy of this auspicious year with our students and community. The festivities will include captivating student performances and traditional dragon dances. Additionally, our students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in various Chinese cultural activities, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the traditions. To add to the excitement, each student will receive a mystery gift as a token of our appreciation and best wishes for the Lunar New Year. 


May the coming year bring you prosperity, good fortune, and success. Wishing you a prosperous and auspicious Year of the Dragon!
Art Auction 
We are delighted to invite you to a very special event celebrating the arts in Junior School. Please see the attached invitation to reserve your place.
We are delighted and proud to be part of the FOBISIA network which gives our children access to many exciting resources, competitions and events. Please see their latest information HERE

February Camp 

Please see details of our February Camp. Do get in touch if you’d like to know more.  


We have an exciting February ahead here at Wellington College! Camp Beaumont, the United Kingdom’s most established multi-activity day camp provider will be back again in Bangkok, creating inspiring adventures throughout the school holidays at Wellington College! With over 50 camps in the UK, and 17 across Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand, Camp Beaumont’s much-loved, confidence-boosting experiences encourage 3- to 12-year-olds to step outside their comfort zones and realise their potential. 

Since the very first camp over 40 years ago, Camp Beaumont has inspired children of all ages to grow in self-confidence and independence. Programmes are developed with industry experts to encourage young people to get active, get outdoors, express themselves and so much more. With over 50 activities, from archery to junior yoga there really is something for everyone – and every day brings something new.

 Throughout the week, Camp Beaumont offers children the opportunity to learn new skills, discover new interests, try new things and have fun with new friends, all set within the fantastic facilities we have here at Wellington College. 


We're thrilled to announce that our website has been updated with all the exciting camps we have planned for 2024! Head over to to explore the details and get a sneak peek of the incredible adventures awaiting your children. To obtain more information, don't hesitate to contact us at or call us at (+60) 12 206 6095. Stay updated with the latest news by following our Facebook page and Instagram. We can't wait to provide your children with unforgettable experiences at our upcoming camps!
The Giving Tree 

Before Christmas we were proud of all our students who contributed to the Giving Tree. They filled bags with gifts for underprivileged children to ensure that they had something to make their lives special at Christmas. We are very happy to share that the gifts were received by the Karen children in Northern Thailand. Thank you so much to our very generous families.  


Thank you to Ms Tanisha McCraw for coordinating this activity and to all teachers who worked with the children on this. We look forward to many more activities across the School to benefit those less fortunate than ourselves. Our students are truly serving and helping shape a better world.

Ahead of today's beautiful Wai Kru ceremony, our Senior students spent time creating floral offerings to present to their teachers. House Tutor Time is a wonderful time to come together as a little family and discuss, prepare, debate, learn and grow together.


See more...

Our football season is now underway! We were delighted to see our Under 18 Boys team kick off the season on Tuesday with a home game against LFIB. The boys were on great form - playing together as if they had never had a break! We welcomed new players to the team and - as always at Wellington - team spirit was incredible.


See more...

House Competitions are ALWAYS hard fought in Senior School. We love to see the House loyalty in all our students - and the Year 7-8 Basketball competition was no exception. Some great performances by the most experienced players - and also by those whose strengths lie in other areas.


See more...

It was a big weekend for our Under 11 Basketball teams who were representing Wellington in the FOBISIA Basketball Championship held at Rugby School, Pattaya.



See more...
Book Lists 
Don’t forget what a wonderful resource we have in our libraries. In the first of an occasional series, Head of Libraries, Ms Erin Ferguson has been turning her attention to Sports. We know how many of you are passionate about football, basketball, swimming – a host of active pursuits! Read about your sporting heroes and allow them to inspire you further! If you have any questions then please contact Ms Ferguson!

We are super excited to let you know that the Yearbooks are now in School and will be sent home next week. Extra copies can be collected from Admissions and Marketing.  

Thank you all for checking the digital version and contacting us with your comments. We made all the amendments and additions we could. If you have any suggestions for the

23-24 Yearbook then we would love to hear from you. We will be using a slightly different format and hope that the Classbook sections will be with you at the end of Term 3. So not long to wait!
Handbooks and Guides – CLICK
Wai Kru Ceremony – More Photos CLICK
U18 Boys Football – More Photos CLICK
It’s been another wonderful week for all our Wellington Stars! We love hearing all the news and we share many of the stories here each week.
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